I’ve loved Jesus as long as I can remember. I’ve truly prayed and sought him as long as I can remember. In my pursuit of Him, of Truth, he led me to the Catholic Church in 2005. The first saint I truly got to know after becoming Catholic was St Theresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein). Because she was the first, I have a special affinity for her. Since, I’ve gotten to know many others. The Carmelites are my favorites. I think my faith journey happened the way it did because God knew if I had been Catholic from the cradle, I would have entered Carmel, and there were five souls He had conceived from the beginning of time that wouldn’t now be here if that had been the case.

I long for Him. I long for time with Him–for silence and solitude with Him. It is not enough and far between, but He would not have given me the desire if He did not also plan to fulfill it.

Jesus, I trust in you.